SPECIAL UPDATE — 8th May 2022

Phaeton Technology
2 min readMay 8, 2022


We have stated before that clarity and transparency are vital to building trust. This Sunday is no different. After receiving questions regarding the Phaeton Solar-wrap Modular Data Centre, we felt it beneficial to state the facts.

✅ In Mid 2021, Phaeton Pty LTD engaged with a 3rd party contractor to build our first version of a modular data centre.
✅ During the latter parts of 2021, we released progress updates and pictures of the build.
✅ As of January 2022, that data centre is, as a fact, complete.
✅ Our contractor agreement has been fulfilled for these intentions.

What does that all mean?

✅ Our solar wrapped data centre is ready.
✅ There are plans to move it from its build location to its destination.
✅ Those plans need to align with our overall stated social impact goals, net neutral carbon use and leveraging the Phaeton Blockchain.
✅ With that all being said, we are additionally reaching a consensus on earlier deployment — which would be incredibly exciting.

What is next for our contractors?

✅ Phaeton Pty LTD has multiple contractors that are being engaged to find solutions for various “kinds” of use cases regarding Data Centres.

  • Within housing
  • Linked directly to a solar farm
  • For urban areas
  • For consumer use

✅ Any products made for Phaeton Pty LTD are done to meet the highest standards of quality as set out by the appropriate regulatory body in Australia.
✅ We are undergoing a contractor assessment and all of our overall strategies.

We look forward to showcasing our Solar-wrap Data Centre.

We trust you have all had a fantastic weekend.



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