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One industry that is being radically disrupted by blockchain technology is Real Estate. It is a tangible product that affects our daily lives as it provides shelter for living, shopping, manufacturing and business. As a business, Real Estate encompasses developing, buying, and selling property. In addition, it affects a country’s economy because it is a critical driver of economic growth.

Real Estate is a sector that Phaeton believes can bring significant value to its shareholders and token holders. Phaeton has an advantage over other blockchain platforms as it is a silo headed by Ron Forlee, the CEO of Phaeton. Ron has 40 years of experience working as an architect, developer, author, and educator. Having a good understanding of the development, financing, and investing process, Ron believes blockchain technology can improve and resolve many real estate-related problems. Some of the issues include funding, liquidity and, more importantly, housing affordability.


Ron Forlee (CEO) is the captain of this team and is assisted by the following professionals:

  • Brett Endersby: A 30-year veteran of the Property industry in Perth, with an extensive background in site selection and acquisition, ownership structures, debt raising, complex negotiations, project management and development delivery.


Phaeton has established both short- and long-term goals within its real estate ecosystem.

  • Short-term: (1) Create a public marketplace for real estate enthusiasts by promoting Tangible NFTs and (2) acquire land assets through its community solar farm roll-out.


Phaeton Real Estate Tangible Non-Fungible Tokens (TNFTs) Marketplace is a “Sidechain” of Phaeton Blockchain. It is a marketplace where real estate developers and investors can trade TNFTs. It is also a form of “crowdfunding” where sponsors and developers can mint tokens of the real estate projects and sell them on the marketplace.

The current transfer of property ownership is labour-intensive and expensive. By “tokenising” the property rights into TNFTs, the process becomes much easier to trade and manage them. Furthermore, Real Estate is ideal for blockchain applications. Real estate property is immovable and has a physical presence that cannot be physically extricated or stolen by third parties.

With the potential benefits of blockchain technology and TNFTs in real Estate, the areas where they can play an important role include real estate development and investment. TNFTs can be compared to a real estate syndicate offering transparency, liquidity, and democracy. The Phaeton Real Estate TNFT Platform is currently being built and will launched within the first quater of 2022.


Phaeton aims to build a significant property asset portfolio for the next twelve months before launching its trading platform, where stable tokens can be traded. The acquiring of these assets will be sourced through the following avenues.

  • Smarter Communities — Phaeton is one of the Smarter Communities Alliance member, made up of professionals who want to change how we develop residential Real Estate. Phaeton’s role in the alliance is to initiate and build housing community projects through capital raising and development expertise. With projects under this structure, Phaeton will own several income-producing properties.


One of the significant advantages Phaeton has over other developers is the ability to lower the risk on marginal projects. By incorporating a Blockchain datacentre and Artemis Node adds additional rental and passive income over and above the traditional rental revenue. This strategy is being applied to the following developments that are being developed.

  • Mandurah Life — The proposed Mandurah development has a Development Approval. It is one of several projects based on the concept of an affordable “Senior’s Co-living and NDIS Community Hub” under a “Build to Rent” model aimed at creating a “Social Impact”. The project is located at the Mandurah Station and consists of 32 apartments made up of 10 NDIS apartments and 22 affordable co-living rental apartments. In addition, a commercial section accommodates an NDIS Therapy Hub and an enterprise Coffee Shop to train and provide work for people with disabilities.

For more information, you can reach out to the team at or through our websites — and



Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.

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Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.