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From concept to execution №7 Conclusion — The Next Steps


The earlier chapters have provided a structured overview of Phaeton’s strategic roll-out programs. It also demonstrated how Phaeton’s Blockchain technology had been carefully designed to integrate into our real-life projects. We can now value our brand and add further benefits to our shareholders and coin holders with clearly defined goals. We can now start publicly trading our PHAE Coins on major cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, the company can look at listing on a Blockchain friendly Stock Exchange. Below is our roadmap in launching onto these two public exchanges.


For the past two and a half months, Phaeton has been on an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) through LAToken and P2PB2B exchanges. The program rolled out PHAE Coins at incremental stages, starting at $1USD with the final stage at $10USD per PHAE. The campaign ends on the 16th of December 2021, where PHAE at $10USD will be open to the public for trading on these two exchanges. On the same day, PHAE will be available for trading on three additional exchanges, namely Lbank, AAX and These exchanges are ranked in the top 30 Exchanges globally.

These additional exchanges will now be open to United States buyers. Previously these buyers could not access PHAE on LAToken and P2PB2B exchanges due to SEC regulations imposed on US buyers. Independent valuers see a significant uptake of PHAE from US Buyers due to the pent-up demand and interest from the United States. Furthermore, over 51% of viewers on Phaeton’s websites come from North America. It bodes well for PHAE as the value of PHAE will rise due to this demand.

In an article, “Phaeton & Solana, the two best Blockchains in the World published” by an independent media, Plato Ai Stream, predicts that Solana and Phaeton as the two best Blockchains globally. An extract states: “Phaeton and Solana are picking up steam fast. Both can process transactions at lightning speed. Coins that offer utility have the best shot at rising in value. Their underlying tech needs to solve real-world problems, and that’s what Solana and Phaeton’s blockchains do. As more people sign up to their networks SOL and soon PHAE should continue to rise.”“The projects Phaeton has lined up will see it in the same league as Solana soon but could outdo Solana once it’s up and running. I consider Phaeton to be the best buy at this time.” If these statements are correct, then PHAE could potentially reach a similar value to SOL which is currently sitting at $203.99 per SOL/USD with an approximate market cap of $61.5 Billion (03–12–21).


Since the launch of Phaeton’s new business strategy fifteen months ago, Phaeton has drawn the public’s attention through mainstream media. It has also attracted the attention of several stockbroking firms expressing interest to list Phaeton on the stock exchange. In addition, approaches have been made to list in Australia and North America.

A listing on the Stock Exchange has always been the vision of its founders. However, it was envisaged only to take place in another year. After much deliberation, the Phaeton Board decided to start the process earlier. One of the critical reasons for this decision was the greater public’s perception that Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are volatile. Furthermore, a significant number of Blockchains enterprises lack credibility and corporate governance. Another reason was to build “trust” within the Phaeton brand.

In preparation for this public listing, the Phaeton Board has documented and signed off several policies, including corporate governance, communications, and Expenditure. In addition, Phaeton appointed Mark Reynolds and Mark Lewis of Investor Research Corporation Pty Ltd (IRC) as corporate advisors. Their role is to manage the listing process on Phaeton’s behalf to run the process independently. Their engagement is to advise the Phaeton Board on the best approach to achieve the intended listing. IRC has the relevant experience and expertise, having listed several North American companies over twenty years.

Offers of a “Reverse Takeover” or “Back-door Listing” have been presented to the Phaeton Board through IRC. After due diligence and detailed cost analysis, the Board decided to list a clean company that can be better structured and not perceived as a quick fix to raise capital.

We have consulted with a firm of lawyers and accountants based in North America with this approach. A road map to the listing is currently being worked on, and further announcements will be made as matters progress. Our goal is to be the first Blockchain Platform that is publicly listed. The only other Blockchain Enterprise listed is Coinbase, a Crypto Exchange Platform that closed at $328.28 per share in Nasdaq debut, valuing the crypto exchange at $85.8 billion.

If successful with this listing, Phaeton will be joining only a handful of Australian digital technology enterprises that have successfully listed in North America. These include Atlassian (NSW origin) with a current share price at $391.54 per share (29–09–21) with a $112.50 Billion market capitalisation. The other is Canva (WA Origin), with a market valuation of $55 Billion (15–09–21).


In summing up Phaeton’s Roll-out Strategy from concept to execution, the key takeaways include:

  1. Phaeton’s Blockchain applications and products have been carefully and purposely designed to complement each other, forming an integrated Social Impact Ecosystem.
  2. Phaeton is focused not only on Social Impact but also on ensuring that our investors, whether they are shareholders or coin-holders, maximise their investment and trust in Phaeton. Without our investors, Phaeton would not achieve its social impact goals.


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