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4 min readOct 24, 2021

From concept to execution


Since the launch of Phaeton’s new business model some twelve months ago, several White Papers have been published. These papers include Modular Blockchain Datacentres, Carbon Credit Exchange, ESG Bond Exchange and various Blockchain Applications. It can be confusing to many of our shareholders and token-holders. However, each of these applications and products has been carefully and purposely designed to complement each other, forming an integrated Social Impact Ecosystem. While these White Papers provide the theory of each application and product, the success lies through its implementation and the physical roll-out in a strategic and well-orchestrated program.

For the next few weeks, Phaeton will be publishing the roll-out strategy of each Phaeton business silo. In addition, it will outline the process in implementing these silos, the dedicated team, the stage of each project, and future work to be completed before the silo is ready for business. Phaeton aims to give our shareholders and token holders a clear understanding of how Phaeton’s Board and management team manages and maximises their return on investment.


In line with our Social Impact goals, the key objectives of Phaeton’s roll-out strategy include:

1. To create the most Decentralised Global Blockchain Platform by deploying Phaeton modular datacentres and Artemis nodes in various locations.

2. To ensure that Renewable Energy sources power Phaeton Blockchain operations, be it solar, wind, geothermal or hydrogen, reducing carbon emissions.

3. To ensure that all business operations are financially sustainable in the immediate and long-term for the benefit of our Shareholders and Token holders.


Phaeton’s Blockchain technology products have not been created at random. Instead, they have been purposely designed to integrate and support tangible projects undertaken. So, for example, we have not created an NFT Platform for digital art just because it is trendy. Instead, we use the NFT model in Carbon Credits and Real Estate, which have a higher value proposition.

Another example is the roll-out of Phaeton Energy’s Micro-Grid Solar Farms deployed in many regional and peri-urban locations where energy is needed. This strategy not only benefits its local community but fulfils objectives 1 and 2 above. In addition, it is intended to purchase more land than what is required for these solar farms. It allows for future expansion and other potential uses such as Agrivoltaics and possible sustainable communities. Holding real estate secures the underlying share value of Phaeton.


Each Phaeton Business silo is captained by a Phaeton Board member and supported by a team of experienced professionals in their specific field. For example, Chai Shepherd (CTO) directs and manages a team of 30 Blockchain professionals and technicians. Below is a list of the current business silos and their products.

  1. Phaeton Blockchain Technology — Under technology the products include Phaeton Sidechains, Phaeton Helios Deployer, Phaeton Artemis Node and Phaeton ID.
  2. Phaeton Blockchain Datacentres — Unlike other data centres, Phaeton Blockchain Datacentres are all powered by renewable energy. These datacentres will be owned and operated as the infrastructure that powers the Phaeton Blockchain Platform.
  3. Phaeton Energy — Managed by a dedicated team of experts, this division’s focus is on renewable energy. Products include Micro-Grid Solar Farms, Vanadium Batteries, Geothermal, Wind and Hydrogen.
  4. Phaeton Real Estate — It is a known fact that wealth is created through the ownership of real estate. Phaeton is progressively building up a portfolio of real estate assets integrated with Blockchain technology. When the portfolio has reached a critical mass, the portfolio will be tokenised.
  5. Phaeton Decentralised Finance and Exchanges — Several products fall under this silo. Based on an NFT model, Phaeton has created the Carbon Credit Exchange and Real Estate TNFTs. In addition, Phaeton has created Phaeton ESG Bond Exchange to finance the roll-out of its renewable energy infrastructure.

The roll-out strategy of these silos will be published weekly. It will provide the make-up of each team, its products, roll-out strategy, and updates.


Before launching any Phaeton products or business silos internationally, we intend to test each model in Australia first, where the Phaeton Management Team is located. It will assist in ironing out any problems associated with the product or silo ensuring that each silo has the best management structure and expertise. Too many companies, both new and old, fail due to poor and ineffective management.

However, Phaeton will consider international partnerships only after careful due diligence to ensure that the partner matches Phaeton’s values. Furthermore, they must have the skillset and management structure to ensure that the operation will be sustainable and thriving in the short term and for years to come. If you are located in another country, have similar values and are interested in partnering with Phaeton, send an email to

Next week’s article will explain Phaeton Blockchain Technology’s Roll-out Strategy



Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.