Phaeton’s Modular Data Centre Solutions are Contributing to the Rapid Growth of Web 3 Data Centre Industry.

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4 min readNov 8, 2023


Modular data centres are an increasingly attractive option because of their easy scalability and shorter time to market. Customer segments include the hyperscale cloud service providers who are in a race to expand their global capabilities and enterprises looking for the ease of deployment, portability, and compact size that an all-in-one data Centre can deliver.

Consumer demand

The growth in social media, gaming apps, and streaming media services has created a demand for cloud capacity that seems to be growing exponentially. Cloud service providers who are hosting these consumer applications are racing to build out their global data centre footprint as quickly as possible. Prefab modular data centres are a perfect fit for these cloud giants coupled with Phaeton Blockchain secures data on another level.

Network edge Why Phaeton IOT

With the increase of IOT products organizations are deploying sensor technology at the network edge across a variety of vertical industries, including manufacturing and retail. The increase in movement of smart cities also relies on sensor devices. To reduce bandwidth costs and avoid latency problems, organizations are looking to process IoT data as close to where it was created as possible. With Phaeton’s Network Architecture design using Phaetons Blockchain technology this is possible. That means a right-sized, prefab, modular data centre or coupled with commercial batteries at every manufacturing plant or retail location drives a new dynamic approach to the first green energy Web 3 network.

The sheer volume of data created by digital processes and the need to process that data at the source is driving companies to a distributed model. Instead of one or two giant data centre, companies are spreading their compute capacity across multiple, strategically located, smaller modular data centres saving cost and time to deploy a robust secure network.

The Age of Digital transformation

Existing business processes are shifting from paper to digital across most industries. New applications are being built on blockchain as the movement from traditional cloud to Web 3 is here. The digital transformation is one of the key drivers of all-in-one modular data centre’s as private companies, public schools, municipalities, healthcare facilities, colocation providers, and the hyperscale’s try to keep up with the demand.

Ruggedized special use cases

Phaetons prefab modular data centres are also in demand by the military and companies that work in remote or harsh areas and want a data centre that can be ruggedized and tested prior to installation. We can create modular super compute for advance AI as well as increase compute power to military use case.

Modular Data Centre Market

Phaeton’s modular data centre market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, with an estimated growth in CAGR of between 18% and 25%. The future of data centre design is modular, and it is fast becoming the construction method of choice for data centre upscaling quickly. With our international partners to support tour supply chain needs we can manufacture and deploy a robust network quicker than a traditional cloud data farm.

Business Analysis Report

The Modular Data Centre Market size was estimated at USD 25.55 billion in the current year. The market is expected to reach USD 60.41 billion in five years, registering a CAGR of 18.78% during the forecast period.

Disaggregated data centre solution units facilitate the building of the IT infrastructure. A modular approach can be applied at the level of data centres or a more general level.

  • Modular architecture can support more than one workload to meet the needs of businesses as organizations continue to use cloud-based dispersed technologies. To meet the growing demand for cloud, mobile, and social analytics, these transportable data centre offers an effective, cost-efficient way of protecting computer performance while leaving no more floor space.
  • This market’s growth is driven by the high demand for environmentally friendly data centres. Green data centres use energy-efficient management methods and technology, providing enterprises with little environmental impact and optimum efficiency. Modular data centres are highly requested because of increased energy consumption and environmental protection requirements laid down by governments worldwide. One of the most significant advantages of modular data centre is that, compared to traditional data centres, they consume less power and are more energy-efficient, allowing them to meet companies’ intrinsic requirements for lower energy usage.
  • In the high-volume data centre segment, there is a clear need for rapid infrastructure deployment in comparatively very dense configurations with an emphasis on energy and heat efficiency. We will likely see a much more significant module growth in this segment than conventional approaches.
  • Regarding installation speeds and low capex, Modular Data Centres represent a challenge to traditional brick-and-mortar data centres. However, traditional data centres are likely to remain a reality, and some applications may be more suitable for modular data centre.



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