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2 min readJun 20, 2023

Phaeton Partnership Rewards Program

Phaeton is proposing to set up a DTO structure ensuring the best interest of Phaetons Blockchain and community is supported by a much larger group of organisations.

What is a DTO-Introducing the Decentralized Trust Organization (DTO): Revolutionizing Enterprise Role in Network Protocols

We proudly announce the establishment of the Decentralized Trust Organization (DTO), a ground-breaking network that leverages the power of enterprise roles within the consensus mechanism of network protocols. Operating on the principles of smart contracts and Phaeton’s advanced blockchain technology, the DTO empowers a decentralized community, in partnership with Phaeton, to make and vote on decisions, eliminating the need for traditional hierarchical structures and intermediaries.

At its core, the DTO revolutionizes the way organizations operate. Participants have the unprecedented opportunity to govern and manage the organization through consensus mechanisms and voting systems. This innovative approach enables a truly inclusive and transparent decision-making process, giving the network’s participants a direct say in the organization’s future. The security of the entire network is ensured through the collaboration of 86 Delegates, which can be seen as 86 Company Organizations, forming a powerful and diverse ecosystem.

Phaeton takes the concept a step further, introducing a DEFI opportunity that allows for the fractionalization of rewards earned by each delegate. By sharing these rewards with the broader community Phae, the underlying technology, gains increased value and widespread use cases.

Governance within the DTO community is held through Phae Coin, providing participants with voting rights and influence over the decision-making process. Phae Coin enables proposals and voting on various matters, including changes to the organization’s rules, allocation of non-profit funding, project proposals, and even the election of organization members within the top 86.

The Phaeton DTOs Partnership Program offers an array of use cases within each delegate organization, ranging from investment management to decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized governance, and community-driven reward programs. This comprehensive program ensures that each delegate organization can leverage the full potential of the DTO network.

Transparency stands as a cornerstone of Phaeton’s proposal. Once established, the rules and smart contracts allow each organization to operate autonomously, implementing decisions and executing transactions without the need for Phaeton’s intervention in reward allocation. This structured approach is made possible through Phaeton’s robust blockchain technology, guaranteeing transparency, immutability, and security for all organizational operations. Together, Phaeton and its DTO community pave the way towards the next generation of WEB3.

While the concept continues to evolve, ongoing discussions and experiments are actively exploring best practices and addressing challenges related to governance, scalability, and security in DTO implementations.

To join the Decentralized Trust Organization and be part of this ground-breaking initiative, please contact

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