Phaeton Networks’ Data Centres, a division of Phaeton Pty Ltd, is the first Blockchain Platform to build its own infrastructure. Other Blockchain platforms store their data on major data centres such as Amazon WS, Microsoft, or Google, with no control over their data and cost. As a Green Blockchain, Phaeton Networks’ data centres are powered by renewable energy. In contrast, most current data centres are powered by fossil fuels. Furthermore, Phaeton data centres are modular and manufactured and deployed faster in multiple international locations, making Phaeton the most decentralised Blockchain internationally.

Why build data centres?

By building its infrastructure, Phaeton Networks have many benefits over its competitors.

  • Cost control: Phaeton charges fewer fees for transactions. Fees charged by other Blockchain platforms are increasing as they have no control over the cost charged by major data centre owners.

Phaeton Network Data Centres

At Phaeton Networks, we believe in a better global future for all. We focus on a strategy that engages people at all levels to think of a better world and then acts to make it happen. Actions taken today will pave for a sustainable environment for future generations. Phaeton Pty Ltd has created two types of modular data centres in addressing environmental problems. These include:

  1. Off-grid Modular Data (OMD) Centre: This type of data centre can be deployed in any remote or regional location, ideal for disaster relief and military requirements. These data centres are solar wrapped for power together with wind turbines. Using geothermal technology and negative pressure creates a mechanism for internal cooling.

Launching OMD

Phaeton Networks’ prototype OMD is now ready to be launched. In June 2021, in association with Atomic 6, Phaeton designed and constructed the first OMD Centre. This prototype will be monitored and tested for durability and quality. Being modular in design allows the system to be wholly scalable and promptly deployed. The system is powered and backed up by a unified renewable energy system with a dual backup running indefinitely. The OMD centre is secured through physical biometrics and an advanced network security protocol. The network can be managed and monitored 24/7/365 remotely. OMD centres can be deployed on the rooftop of buildings, remote mine sites or in the desert.

The satellite communications are pre-mounted then launched when at the site. The servers and racks are housed in a dust secure, temperature-controlled, static-free environment. We have three designs: a Vortexed Tower, Single level HIVE, or singular Cubes designed to be locked together to increase the data storage footprint. What are the benefits?

  • Energy Efficient with 100% redundancy package.


Phaeton OMD Centres is a disruptor in the data centre industry. Our OMD Centres improve energy efficiency and address the other key issue of privacy, ownership, and transparency through our Phaeton Blockchain technology. So again, our goal is to set new standards that others will follow.



Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.

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Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.