Phaeton Energy aims to assist Western Power with stabilising their electrical grid through the construction of renewable energy and battery systems around regional Western Australia. The primary purpose of Phaeton Energy’s investment into these energy plants is to meet Phaeton’s mandate stated to the market. That is, Phaeton will invest capital in developing sustainable ventures. These ventures include but is not limited to powering our data centres with renewable energy such as Solar and providing tangible benefits to the communities where these plants are located.

In addition to powering Phaeton Networks data centres, these plants will provide the following benefits to the Southwest Interconnected System (SWIS):

· Load ancillary services to the grid.

· Stand-alone power in times of blackouts.

· Embedded microgrid with energy in locations with limited network capacity.

· Meet AEMO’s capacity demand period between 4:30 pm-8:30 pm daily.

· Additional load, where needed, from data centres.


At Phaeton Energy, we build renewable energy plants to power our data centres, Phaeton Networks to store blockchain data and process the PHAE Coin. The requirement of providing 24-hour energy to these data centres through energy storage offers a secondary opportunity to supplement the stability of the SWIS during peak ramp-up times and in blackouts. In keeping with the overall ethos of the group. Phaeton provides an impact investment by scaling the plants to a size required to balance the capacity with the load in each region where our data centre will operate.

The decentralised nature of these data centres means they can be in several regions, and the plants can then be sized accordingly to meet the region’s specific needs. The nature of the energy industry, particularly renewables, focuses on either rooftop (small PV) or utility-scale (large 100MW) plants which are of particular interest to investment banks and super funds. However, the industry has overlooked the mid-size plants in the range of one to five megawatts. Phaeton Energy is taking advantage of this sector as it fits perfectly with the power requirements of our modular data centres and the demand of the regional towns we are targeting.

The towns we target have seasonal load variations due to harvesting fluctuations and suffer a 300% swing in power consumption. As they are often located on the fringe of the grid, these towns can suffer an average of six blackouts p.a. during peak demand intervals in the metro region. In addition, some experience as many as nine on average per annum of up to six hours on average. As recent as Wednesday 8th December 2021, half of our target towns suffered blackouts for as long as 13 hours. These blackouts would be considered unacceptable in a metropolitan area. Still, for these townships, it is just a way of life.

These situations allow Phaeton Energy to provide the local community with a better quality of life and additional revenue streams. The core revenue streams from these plants are market energy sales, Western Australia’s Capacity Credit Charge and Large-scale Generation Certificates (Carbon Credits). Therefore, providing a comfortable return on investment. Then the additional revenue streams like load following ancillary services and islanded support provide cream on the top.


Phaeton Energy will ultimately work with Western Power and locate these plants where they would need them most. We have identified our initial three sites, placed them under option, and will soon start the connection application process.

Initial sites

Each site has been selected based on access to a High Voltage Over Head power line. Additional criteria include towns with blackout issues, close to and downstream flow from the substation to the township (where possible), and that they were for sale. Each plant will be sized according to the requirements needed to provide the best grid support in that region. The initial sites include Augusta, Mullewa and Dalwallinu.

Target sites

In the new year, we have also planned to visit all the following towns to find suitable properties to connect our plants to the grid for the best outcome. These include Horrocks, Port Denison, Cervantes, Bencubbin, Bindoon and Cheynes.

You can reach out to the team at Phaeton Energy via




Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.

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Phaeton Technology

Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.

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