PERTH, September 30, 2021.

Today, Phaeton, a green and eco-friendly Blockchain platform, and RAW Energy, a solar power solutions group, announced their partnership in delivering an integrated renewable energy solution for communities in need.

Phaeton is a decentralised blockchain network that allows developers to leverage Sidechains and Smart Contracts to build scalable blockchains. Their platform has an ecosystem offering users access to a decentralised global market, which is poised to impact many sectors. Its Sidechain model allows for developing independent dApps facilitating customisation, infinite scalability, never seen before transaction speeds per second (1M+/tps). It is a significant departure from high network fees. Phaeton’s protocol has been designed to make it convenient, secure (military grade), and seamless for all stakeholders.

Speaking about the company, Phaeton’s CEO, Ron Forlee, described its technology as ‘a Blockchain technology based on solidarity where it puts people before profit with a structure that benefit communities in need. With the Phaeton Blockchain network, we have reduced the energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with transactions to a level in line with the net-zero carbon objective of the Sustainable Development Goals.’ The partnership with Raw Energy fits in well with Phaeton’s ethos and will expedite the company’s green based assets.

Raw Energy International Pty Ltd (Raw Energy) is a group of professional experts in the renewable energy sector, corporate financing sector, and the property development field, focusing on the development of utility-scale energy assets. Raw Energy has spent the last few years connecting stakeholders in the Energy Development sector. These include Local Government across regional Western Australia, which will enable us to create future opportunities to expand the number of renewable energy developments they have access to. Director Mark Imrie explains, “We will begin with an 11-megawatt embedded network project in regional WA. It will then be followed by a 100-megawatt project South of Perth supplying a multinational refinery.”

The partnership will fall under a brand Phaeton Energy based on an integrated renewable energy ecosystem. Phaeton energy is not a typical standalone solar farm. Instead, Phaeton’s approach maximises a project’s value by integrating other Phaeton business elements into an energy project. For example, when evaluating a property for a solar farm, Phaeton will determine its viability by considering the integration of the following elements:

• Evaluate the size of the solar farm and is there enough area for battery storage and future expansion, should the demand for power increase over time.

• Depending on the size of the property, its location and soil conditions, evaluate whether agrivoltaics (solar energy and agriculture) can be incorporated.

• Incorporate a Phaeton Network Datacentre powered by renewable energy.

• Incorporate Hydrogen energy as a backup supply source.

• Evaluate whether a Smart Housing Community development can be incorporated.

• Evaluate whether a Smart Commercial Centre development can be incorporated.

Each of these elements will be powered by Phaeton Blockchain Technology.

For more information on Phaeton, visit Phaeton’s website at: and For media inquiries, please contact Chai Shepherd at

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.