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3 min readApr 17, 2022

Throughout history, successful companies have restructured their organisations to grow and stay competitive. Phaeton’s Executive team have analysed its current business model and found that by restructuring the Phaeton Group, we can become a more efficient and streamlined organisation that will improve the company’s value.

Phaeton’s philosophy is to utilise blockchain technology to make the world a better place for all communities they interact with. Therefore, Phaeton has created a Blockchain platform to make a positive Social Impact. The company has developed several business silos under its blockchain ecosystem. When analysing these silos, they can be structured under two distinct groups, namely (a) Phaeton Blockchain Technology and (b) Phaeton ESG Infrastructure.


When analysing the two core groups, it was found that they have different business models, as described below. Moreover, to make these models function efficiently and professionally, they require two dedicated teams with experience and knowledge in their specific fields.


  • Phaeton Blockchain will be set up as a Foundation, fully decentralised, and allowing more DApps to be created. In addition, this will enable developers to create and increase Phaeton Sidechains, therefore increasing the number of transactions which improves the value of the PHAE Coin.
  • PHAE Coins will belong to the community. The Tokenomics will be restructured, where PHAE Coins will be allocated to projects in line with Phaeton’s social ethos.
  • Phaeton is working with four new Blockchain start-ups to further its Sidechain model. These include a new Environmental Coin, a Blockchain polling platform, an NFT for music and a Blockchain Ledger for existing Solar Farms.
  • Our current technology contractor, Zeeve, will now become a partner. Zeeve, with 100 strong technology staff, will improve, manage, and operate the core blockchain silos and applications within Phaeton.


  • Current silos, namely, Phaeton Network Datacentres, Phaeton Energy and Phaeton Smarter Communities, will fall under the brand Phaeton ESG Infrastructure with its Board of Directors experienced in data centres, renewable energy, and real estate.
  • Although Phaeton’s holding company will own Phaeton ESG Infrastructure, the infrastructure products will not be exclusive to Phaeton. Still, they will be open to other Blockchain Platforms endorsing a Greener Blockchain.
  • By adopting the non-exclusive approach, Phaeton will create joint ventures and business partnerships with third parties. This strategy will allow Phaeton to grow exponentially.
  • Currently, Phaeton Energy is in the process of developing five new solar farms, while Phaeton Smarter Communities are working on three real estate development projects. In all these projects, Phaeton data centres have been incorporated into the design.
  • Enquiries for building Phaeton Network Datacentres have been received from Spain, the Philippines Papua New Guinea and Africa.


  • To expand Phaeton internationally, the Board will be adding two new international directors. The directors have significant experience in Blockchain Technology and Finance and are currently running their blockchain enterprises. The final Board structure will be announced after the approval from Shareholders.
  • New executive teams will be established under Phaeton Blockchain Technology and Phaeton ESG Infrastructure. The individuals selected for these positions are highly skilled and experienced in their specific fields. The executives’ announcement will be made after employment contracts have been signed and approved by the Board.

Author: Ron Forlee

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Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.