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4 min readMay 2, 2023

We have some very exciting news!

Whilst the team at Phaeton are working to ensure we have everything in place to have our products geared up to go to market. We understand that there was a little bit of a delay however we wanted to ensure we have all things in place. There have been multiple high-level meetings with Phaetons Executive team members, this includes meetings with executive offices of multi-national organisations as well as government officials across the world.

Phaeton’s ecosystem set us apart as we operate as a company with corporate governance to ensure our revenue modelling supports the entire operation and future growth of our business. The executive board has a clear vison to disrupt industries with new technologies that will support different types of organisations as well as Phaetons Internal Projects.

The Mission statement from the (CEO — Chai Shepherd)

Our mission is to create the world’s first true Web3 infrastructure network powered by green energy solutions. Our goal is to prevent cybersecurity threats by decentralising data across our network with our satellite partners bringing the next generation of high speed secured data transmission to the world.

Over the next decade the transition to quantum algorithms is to mark a paradigm shift in the business model for digital applications by making disintermediation a core element, thus ensuring the security of what we value most which is our private information.

Welcome to the new internet where we specialise in advance encrypted blockchain technology.

Technology updates:

We have successfully integrated the Clymene Main-net with Phaeton Mobile Wallet; Desktop updates will follow in the coming days as well Phaetons New Website.

Release Notes — Version 2.0.4+1

New Features & Functionalities:

1) Phaeton dApp Connect(WalletConnect): allows users to seamlessly connect and use their Phaeton crypto wallets along with Phaeton dApps.

The implementation includes:

  • Transaction state management
  • Personal_sign
  • custom_sendTransaction
  • Request_acknowledgement
  • Session management
  • Pairing
  • Session proposals management
  • Session requests management
  • Session’s list

2) NFT & Semi-NFT Transfer: allows users to easily transfer their non-fungible and semi-fungible tokens between different accounts. The ability to be able to P2P trade NFT will be much easier without going to an exchange. Phaeton plans to create its own DEX environment for ease of trade between users.

3) Clymene Network support: Phaeton Wallet now supports the Clymene Main-net & Test-net along with the Phaeton primary networks. Additional networks will be available as the Chai Shepherd our CEO Plans to revise Helious as a network gateway for business to deploy sidechain networks.

4) Improved Custom RPC: address prefix (PHAE/CMEN) will now be chain specific on UI and Node requests as well. This has been planned to ensure future scalability once we open sidechain or new networks to the ecosystem. The model and vison are to support a corporate enterprise level solution for business to adopt making Phaeton more commercially viable for business use case.

5) Notification portal: Wallet’s now includes a customizable in-app notification feature for important Phaeton events and news. Those holding a phaeton wallet will now be notified with new updates on the network or changes that should be voted on making to ensure the community has voice.

UI/UX Implementations/Improvements:

  1. NFT list item: The name and quantity of NFTs are now displayed in the list item, providing users with more information about their NFT holdings. As we release Phaetons Carbon Credit Exchange, Phaeton Real Estate and Phaeton Bond, NFT ownership will now be connected to your wallet. Releasing Phaeton Identity was crucial to the plan of the Phaeton Ecosystem to ensuring and validating ownership of your underlining asset.

2) Loaders: After the user scans the QR code & in the confirm fee dialog for dApp transactions showing full transparency on the network.

3) Network management tray: allows users to easily change the network they are connected to, with a toggle to show or hide the Test-net Networks. Phaeton plans for users to be able to create it own private network giving users the opportunity to decentralise personal data talking on other private storage providers like OneDrive or Drop Box

4) Phaeton dApp Connect Indicator: allows the user to verify wallet connect sessions as an additional security measure to show authenticity of user access. This is an important part of our growth plan as the team is currently talking to potential partners to add IOT devices to authorise entry access points in to secure location.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

1) Delegate username: mismatch during register delegate has been fixed.

2) Network state management: The wallet now automatically restores the user’s default network settings when the app is restarted.

3) Carbon Credit NFT (CNFT) dApp Integration bug fixes: This includes null checks and default quantity for (CNFT).

We look forward to providing you with further updates.



Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.