Hi Phaemily,

As many of you are aware the team at Phaeton have been networking with like-minded people to grow our team to ensure that we have members that are innovative, proactive and first class in their field. A lot of time has been invested ensuring that our new members hold the same Core Values that Phaeton has to ensure growth and success occurs. Over the coming months we will introduce you not only to our new board members but also to our advisors who hold the same vision, values and goals for this amazing company and can help to propel it to its potential through their knowledge, expertise and national and international contacts.

The boards vision is to go Global with 3 new projects soon to be released and hence why the importance of a solid foundation moving forward. As such it is with great pleasure, we introduce you to one of our advisors.

Phaeton International Corporate Commercial Advisor

Please Welcome — Margie Baldock

Margie is also a presenter/interviewer for The Motley Fool (www.fool.com.au), a popular global service for private investors, and previously collaborated with intergenerational financial giants.

Margie has also been a property developer since 2005, as well as a serial entrepreneur (financial services/software development) and author. She has also cofounded an innovative company devoted to disrupting Dis-EASE through preventative, personalised and proactive nutrigenomic healthcare solutions including medical cannabis innovation. Early in her career she was a TV news and lifestyle reporter, and also working in banking. Margie was involved in the creation and promotion of the first internet banking service in Australia in 1994/1995.

Margie holds a current real estate license and has previously held a finance broker’s license. She holds a Financial Planning Diploma (and is RG146 compliant). Margie has studied at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University (Executive Program); Broadcasting at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts; and Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW Industry linked Co-op scholarship); and holds a current Real Estate License.



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Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.