Game of Phaetons

“Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

Throwback Thursday is here and we were scrolling through all the issues we have tackled down in the last few weeks! We are always grateful to our community for supporting us back as always.

Exchanges are back ✅

The company wallet is fully public ✅

All operations are smooth ✅

There have been a lot of Infrastructure upgrades recently and due to this we are having some issues with the mobile wallet. These issues are being addressed along with the scheduled updates with explorer. Your funds are 100% safe and secure, feel free to access through desktop wallets.

That’s all good right? But what about the other vertices of Phaeton, new exchanges? Marketing activities?

Unfortunately, the team based in Western Australia is affected by the covid. The ground team working across Phaeton energy, Networks, and data center will not be able to join the AMA and provide you Live updates on our ESG infrastructure. So we decided to postpone the upcoming AMA until further notice.

🎯 As our partner exchanges are back “The Phaeton Stakeman” Campaign will be live in this coming week & you can earn upto 260% APY through your PHAE

🎯 17th June is the last date to earn more PHAE through direct staking & voting PHAE.

🎯 Phaeton ambassador program will be launched on 17th June and It will open the gates to interact and work along with team Phaeton. Limited time opportunity to represent Phaeton and get exclusive rewards.

🎯 We are all set to explore new exchanges and have been working on listing Phaeton on some of the new exchanges. A detailed announcement will be coming very soon.

More reward campaigns?
Onboard your favorite crypto influencer?

…. and much more

We welcome you to “Game of Phaetons” 👑

As our community member you have the direct power to communicate and let us know your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. A direct line to reach directly to our CEO and core decision makers.





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Phaeton Technology

Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.