• CDP — Town Planning & Urban Design represented by Frank Arangio.
  • PHAETON — Smarter Housing & Blockchain Technology Providers represented by Ron Forlee.
  • SERNEKE — Construction Integrators represented by Andrew Abercrombie.
  • HOLONIC — Strategist in ‘Circular Economy’ represented by Andrew Thomas.
  • ATOMIC 6 — Innovative Housing & Technologies represented by Andy Lennox.
  • FLOWTECH — Innovative Mechanical Services represented by Paul Letich.
  • EVANGELISTI & ASSOCIATES — Civil Engineering represented by Marino Evangelisti.
  • The housing industry is comfortable with ‘Business as Usual’ (BAU), resulting in unsustainable outcomes.
  • The sector is monopolised by project builders offering a ‘one size fits all approach with limited diversity.
  • It has a ‘Silo’ structure with limited integration of sustainable elements.
  • The design and planning are Invariably environmentally ignorant.
  • There is little innovation employed at all levels of construction.
  • Bureaucratic and inflexible approval processes inducing a reluctance to change from BAU.
  • Elevate best practices in environmental and social sustainability.
  • Introduce a partnered and collaborative structure facilitating an integrated and holistic design and delivery approach.
  • Introduce modern methods of construction and integrated project delivery.
  • Embrace 21st-century technology such as Blockchain, ConTech and FinTech.
  • Establish a bespoke approach and innovative mindset to all projects.
  • Ensure that there is a high-quality Architectural Design response.
  • Address the entire demographic spectrum in the housing market.
  • There is the fear of “falling off the edge of the earth” — reluctance to deviate from BAU.
  • The innovative outcomes are still untested and potentially uncompetitive with BAU.
  • Most greenfield development is primarily driven by price point, therefore sterilising innovation.
  • The land development industry is led by influential ‘Project Builders’ who are inherent disciples of BAU and have a reluctance to change or invest in ‘Research and Development’.
  • The banking and financial lending sector are reluctant to fund innovative development.
  • Establish a collaborative, partnering and holistic based approach to all elements of projects.
  • Gain the acceptance by all stakeholders that we need to change for the better.
  • Introduce a regulator led transition towards ‘better’ with assistance from components of the better way.
  • Educate all stakeholders on the virtues of ‘better’, including the cost savings during the construction and post habitation phases.
  • Increase the emphasis on the outcomes and less on misaligned financial drivers.
  • Demonstration projects — “to get the ball rolling”. The Alliance has identified a development site to showcase a Smarter Community solution.
  • Real Estate TNFT where future residents can participate in the early stages of development, making housing more affordable.
  • A Modular Solar-wrap Datacentre to monitor data to improve the community’s living standards, manage security and waste, and improve community and internet connectivity.
  • Smarter housing with an Artemis Node providing a passive income and linked with IoT and AI.
  • Renewable energy by way of solar and geothermal to power the community, therefore, reducing utility costs.
  • Blockchain AgriTech, depending on the scale of the project, incorporate urban agriculture or vertical farms for the community’s food supply.



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Phaeton Technology

Phaeton Technology

Phaeton utlilises Blockchain Technology to create sustainable communities for future generations using our own independent Blockchain platform.