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3 min readNov 10, 2022

Hi Phaemily,

We would like to introduce Empire C&E Carbon Nemesis. Phaeton is in the process of signing a MOU with Empire C&E as a future partner.

Empire Carbon & Energy specialises in the trading of Carbon Offsets such as compliance allowances and voluntary offsets. This will add additional value to Phaeton’s Carbon Credit Exchange with Carbon Credit NFT being able to be traded on day one.

Empire C&E offers Phaeton the ability access Australian and Global carbon markets with this depth and experience to provide collectively between both companies. Empire C&E offers advice and trading strategies to suit market participants whether they trade ACCUs, ETU’s, WCI Carbon Allowances (CCAs), WCI Carbon Offsets (CCOs), VERs, Gold Standard Units and EUAs.

Empire C&E are also able to meet Energy Certificate Trading needs for LGC’s and STC’s, this is a huge step forward to polit test Phaeton’s carbon Credit Exchange in Australia before going global!

The Empire C&E team works closely with clients to develop offset projects, purchase and sell offsets under the major compliance and voluntary registries using Phaeton’s Carbon Credit Exchange. Empire C&E will support Phaeton’s clients to develop the entire carbon offset credit creation process which includes Origination, Implementation, Commercialisation and Operations. Empire ensures that the projects meet all regulatory requirements, achieve optimal emission reductions, resolve complex technical or legal matters such as the rules and regulations of carbon market standards.

Key Outcomes

· Project and carbon value identification

· Assessing feasibility and eligibility of offset projects, analysing risks and optimising project designs

· Providing support during project Validation and Approval

· Assistance with Issuance of Carbon Credit Offsets

· Commercialisation of offsets

· Securing project funding (debt/equity, grants)

· Financial Modelling for Economic and Commercial Feasibility to assist Financial Investment Decision (FID) process

Empire C&E offers unparalleled carbon and energy advisory services with a focus on policy, market developments, and risk mitigation Empire will also contribute to developing Phaetons Carbon Credit Exchanges compliance policy. The Empire C&E team provides support for clients by developing tailored carbon pricing strategies that incorporate entry to market, carbon procurement and sales strategies, and advocacy. Empire C&E will advise Phaeton how carbon pricing, external or internal, can be optimised to support greater and more effective net-zero-emissions targets with the use of Phaeton’s carbon Credit Exchange.

Many of Australia’s largest companies are actively reducing their emissions and opting to further reduce their carbon footprint through offsetting the unavoidable emissions in their value chains. The ‘safeguard mechanism’ is also a driver of ACCU purchase, a mandatory obligation that calls for larger emitters to surrender ACCUs to reduce their net emissions. But to give them up, they need to get the credits. This means of acquisition is called ‘compliance purchasing’ and is an instrument for spurring the offsets market.

This is where Phaeton’s Carbon Credit Exchange come in, the NFT Carbon market is going from strength to strength. We see more and more companies are committing to ‘net zero’ targets, and climate action is at the forefront of the public psyche. The AFR reports that these changes and cultural perception mean that ACCUs are predicted to increase by anything up to 150 per cent by 2030. Phaeton’s Carbon Credit Exchange is a provider of choice for these offsets and is adept at working with businesses to accelerate the transition to net zero.



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